river-derwent1The River Derwent

The Yorkshire Derwent rises on the North York Moors near RAF Fylingdales before flowing south and then south-west eventually joining the River Ouse near Selby.  The section of the river 10 miles upstream of East/West Ayton (4 miles west of Scarborough) is controlled by the Derwent Anglers’ Club – one of the oldest fishing clubs in the country, having been founded in 1839.

This section offers a variety of fly fishing – from bouldery moorland stream in the upper part (above Langdale End) to a rather more typical rain fed river in the Hackness/Wrench Green area. The river carries a good head of wild brown trout and grayling but it is also stocked by the club during the summer months with brown and rainbow trout.

fishermans-cottage2Derwent Days

Derwent Days is a fly fishing guiding service (including Tenkara if guests would like to try this) throughout the full length of that part of the upper Yorkshire Derwent (approximately 10 miles) controlled by the Derwent Anglers’ Club. It’s a rain-fed river but there is a good variety of fishing to be enjoyed (amid lovely scenery) with plenty of fish throughout! If guests want to brush up on their fly casting before heading for the river they are very welcome to do so on the lawn at Fisherman’s Cottage.

john_edwardsYour Guide

John is a retired solicitor who has lived and worked in the Scarborough area all his life. He has been a member of the Derwent Anglers’ Club for over 50 years and was chairman for 25 of these.